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Following her widely acclaimed 2017 album Universe, Melbourne singer-songwriter Jess Locke has today released a new 7” vinyl featuring two new singles ‘My Body Is An Ecosystem’ & ‘Nothing At All’, out now via Pool House Records / Remote Control Records. To celebrate the release, Jess Locke has announced she will be hitting the road this December on a 6-date Australian tour, visiting fans in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Port Macquarie & Wollongong.

As premiered on triple j’s Good Nights, ‘My Body Is An Ecosystem’ is a perfect slice of Jess Locke’s trademark dreamy guitar-pop. Speaking of the single she comments “I have a temperamental relationship with my body as I’m sure most people do. I am grateful for it, I try to take care of it, and a lot of the time I feel good and I think of it as beautiful. But I am also constantly disappointed by it, by the inconvenience of pain and fatigue and and dermatological nightmares that I have no control over. This song is about those times when you look at yourself in the mirror and see a stranger - someone a little older than you thought you were, more fragile, more cracked…I guess it’s about falling short of our own expectations of ourselves inside and out and how terrifying that can be.”

'Nothing At All', is the second offering taken from the 7" and is a song about politics & perspective. "It’s about people who like to make a lot of noise but don’t add much to the conversation. It’s about the way complex issues are frequently reduced to simple slogans, how decisiveness is applauded and ambiguity frowned upon. It’s about how words and phrases which are repeated again and again to neatly separate one’s self from others without real understanding are both meaningless and dangerous. This song came out of my frustration with all of these things which seem to be rife at the moment (left and right, educated and uneducated)… The chorus of the song is about the way we live in moral and political bubbles in which like-minded people argue amongst themselves over nuances rather interacting with people that would actually challenge their ideas. So I guess the overall message of the song is ‘shit’s complicated’. Maybe that’s a cop-out, but I think it’s pretty true." laments Jess Locke.

Don’t miss your chance to catch Jess Locke perform live in a city near you this December.

Stream / Purchase 'My Body Is An Ecosystem' / 'Nothing At All' 7" via:

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